Jody Secules attended a 3 day workshop with Aaron Mattes on his Active Isolated Stretching Method and Assisted Isolated Stretching method that yields profound results. Over the past 35 years Aaron Mattes has been refining a muscle specific stretching method that incorporates no more than a 2 second stretch and release and 10 repetitions. During each 2 second stretch each specific muscle & related fascia stretches without the stretch reflex triggering a constriction of blood flood and progress. With each gradual stretch, the range of the joint increases, pathways are opened, nourishing the muscles with blood & oxygen, wastes are removed, healing is enhanced with regards to rehab. This type of stretching method can be utilized before or after cardiovascular activity. Active isolated stretching enhances a Pilates workout. Full range of joints – Flexibility & Stability with Strength means optimal power in sports. Increased range of joints in regards to rehab plus a strength component means improved quality of life. Active Isolated Stretching & Pilates are methods of increasing power in sports as well as improving quality of Life with regards to rehabilitation.