Why Choose CoreFocused?

I was thrilled to find a local Pilates instructor of the calibre of Jody Secules. Her professionalism, enthusiasm, and caring nature have made working with her this past year an absolute joy! And at 55 years of age, I would NEVER have thought I could take up a difficult sport like surfing and be successful. As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Pilates is the best exercise out there and Jody is the best instructor I’ve worked with.


I cannot express my pleasure of working with Jody at Corefocused. I had struggled for many years–yo-yoing, etc with my weight as well as my strength level. Jody’s approach which is knowledgeable as well as very personable is the perfect combination of motivation AND support for reaching my goals. Since Jody is also an engineer, it is very appealing for me to understand the mechanics of how a certain piece of equipment works and how the body should respond to it. She ALWAYS answers my numerous questions and could not be a more of an example of ‘practicing what she preaches’ in her level of wellness. I truly appreciate the value of having someone with her level of knowledge, intellect, good humor and genuineness! I cannot speak highly enough of Jody and Corefocused Pilates/Spinning!

I began working with Jody in January 2009 because I have some serious back issues and did not want to risk taking a Pilates class at the gym with 15 other people. Jody knows what I can do and what we need to avoid. She customizes a program that keeps me challenged without injury. The change in my posture and balance is amazing. Although I have lost weight, people were commenting on how good I looked before I lost a pound. And it’s SO much fun. I love doing Pilates at CoreFocused.

I started working with Jody in early February 2011. Taking me on as a client is quite a challenge, I have limb girdle muscular dystrophy, and I have more “quiet zones” than muscle. Jody researched muscular dystrophy prior to our first session in order to learn about my disease. She reached out to a fellow pilates instructor Anthony Rabara of Princeton, New Jersey, to learn from the work he had been doing with a 12 year old duchenne muscular dystrophy client. The research resulted in multiple Skype work out sessions between the two studios. Jody is a very patient instructor, I am happy to report I have fewer quite zones, I am walking better, and I am looking forward to working with Jody for many months to come.

I had complications from a surgery and after many months of PT, I found Jody through the internet. Although PT helped, I kept hearing that I needed to strengthen my core, hard to do when my regular exercise was out of the question and even walking was a struggle. Working with Jody has helped me tremendously, she has been careful with me and worked in conjunction with my PT’s. She has helped to build up my core and I am able to resume many of my old activities including my fast paced long walks. I try never to miss my sessions with Jody, I always seem to arrive as a tightly balled fist and when I emerge I am a tall and strong flower. I am so grateful I found Jody! 

I feel so lucky to have found Jody at CoreFocused. An issue with my foot and leg that had been improperly treated left me out of shape and afraid to exercise. Jody’s gentle, positive guidance helped me to believe in my body again and to value everything good about it. As a teacher myself, I’m so impressed with Jody’s dedication to her clients. Every session is different, and builds on the one before it. I know how much work goes into planning a new session for each visit. After a couple of years of very limited walking, I danced in heels at my brother’s wedding. I’m 58, and am looking forward to many more years of walking and dancing! Thank you, Jody!
In the past few months, I’ve been taking Zoom classes with Jody twice a week.  I admit I was initially skeptical about taking Pilates this way.  I was sure I’d miss the Reformer, the Cadillac, and all the other cool tools Jody has in her studio!  Well, guess what?  I’ve not missed them at all!  I’ve learned so much using just a mat, foam roller, and fitness ball.  My core strength has increased significantly during this time.  My understanding of classic Pilates has deepened.  Jody and I agree that I’ve made some amazing progress! I urge everyone to give Zoom Pilates instruction with Jody a try.  You won’t be disappointed.