Jody Secules, owner of CoreFocused, attended a three-day Pilates conference in New York City on September 16-18. During this conference she had the opportunity to learn from second generation Master Pilates instructors. Jody attended a full day and a half with Madeline Black on two topics,”Using Muscle Energy Technique with Pilates” and “Lighten Up: Decompressing the Hips, Pelvis and Lumbar Spine. Elizabeth Larkam shared her vast knowledge on the topic of “Pilates Post-rehabilitation Programs for Hip and Knee Replacement. Karen Clippingerspoke and led exercises focused on Sacroiliac Function. Wendy LeBlanc-Arbuckle led a workshop on “A Conversation with your Psoas: Cultivating Abdominal/Psoas/Diaphragm Balance.” Jody also enjoyed starting each conference day with an hour workout; Friday with Nora St. John and the Pilates Arc, and Saturday and Sunday with Valentin on the Chair and Reformer.Balanced Body facilitates a top notch, high caliber learning experience in their multi-day Pilates on Tour conference format. The student to teacher ratio is typically no more than about 36 to 1 and the instructors are the best in their fields with over 25 to over 50 years experience, mainly first and second generation Master Pilates instructors, including Distinguished Elders Lolita San Miguel and Mary Bowen.